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Jonathon Vento

True North Studio

“When you experience some sort of failure or tragedy that is when you usually find inspiration.”

Jonathon Vento took interest in real estate development at a young age, following a tragic family event. When he was in the 8th grade, Jonathon’s home burnt down and his family had consequently lost everything. Over the next few years, Jonathon helped his father rebuild their family home. Though it was an unfortunate circumstance, the entire experience was rather inspiring for Jonathon. Rebuilding their family home ultimately motivated Jonathon Vento to pursue a career in real estate development.

Today, Jonathon Vento is a real estate developer based in Phoenix Arizona, he is the Managing Partner for True North Studio. Jonathon has built and managed more than 150 projects and operating companies throughout the US, Europe and Asia over his 30-year career in real estate, renewable energy, technology and manufacturing, totaling over US $5 billion. He has managed combined staffs of over 1,000 people in his roles as president and COO.

Drawing inspiration from the light-hearted joyful side of life, Jonathon Vento and the True North team fearlessly tackle the tough projects with the goal of positively influencing the communities they touch.

Their most recent project, Ro2, aims to provide the highest and best use for the community and the positive-trending Phoenix market. Jonathon Vento and the True North team are excited to implement environmentally and socially sustainable practices throughout the Ro2 development. Key members of the team are experienced in implementing various innovative design elements that improve the liveability and long-term sustainability of neighborhoods, while improving public health, safety, and environmental stewardship.

Utilizing the input from working committee meetings, downtown design guidelines, and neighborhood initiatives, Ro2 strives to provide significant public and economic benefits for the Roosevelt Row Arts District and downtown Phoenix. The True North team is driven to make Ro2 an iconic development that builds on the character and feel of the Roosevelt Row Arts District.

Jonathon Vento and his wife Lori are also deeply passionate about their community. Having found himself without a home in the 8th grade, Jonathon Vento and his wife are advocates for the homeless. Together, they have worked with habitat for humanity and neighborhood ministries to bring shelter to those in need.

“Disruption breeds creation”

For more information about Ro2 and Jonathon Vento’s real estate development work, check out his blog!

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